First Time for WHAT?

May 14, 2017 KL

Nacra 15s, the new international youth catamaran class, lit up everyone who touched them in the inaugural Nacra 15 Clinic on San Francisco Bay. We’re talking 13-year-olds on the wire. Welcome to the 21st century.


Lick WHAT?

When the spring semester finale coincides with day one of a heat wave, skateboards become an important component of a complete sailing kit


Imprinted on the Sea

Eighty-four years ago, aboard one of the storied schooners of the age, a father was performing chores on the topmast rigging, up where the seabirds fly. Suddenly he discovered he was not alone there, with 60 feet of air between his feet and the hard.

It was a heart-stopping moment.


Pearl of the Pacific

Somewhere in the vast Oceana . . .


“Is It Always Windier On My Watch?”

Being thoughts about a book, Convergence, by Sally-Christine Rodgers, on cruising the Pacific in relative luxury and stress and discovery


Miracle on Marinship Way

Against the odds, a ship rises


1 Year. 25 Years. Remembering Blackaller

Twenty-five years ago today, sailing lost one of its most colorful figures. One year ago, a miracle America’s Cup kicked off. Two stories, one thread.


No Child Left Dry

Dr. Sylvia Earle’s prescription for engaging the next generation to save the ocean that supports all life:

“No child left dry.”

In her own case, moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida as a child, and later discovering the early films of Jacque Cousteau, opened the floodgates to a passion that just won’t quit. As Earle puts it, the Cousteau footage, “inspired me to want to see fish swimming in something other than lemon sauce and butter.”


Match Racing at 212 Degrees

What’s the fastest-growing segment in sailing? Women.

And why shouldn’t match racing get a piece of that?


Youth…American…Sponsored: It Can Be Done

Even the best of American pro sailors struggle to find backing. And then —


Club Communications—There’s an App for That
(Your Next Move?)

Does your event, or club, need something handier than a web site?

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