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Well Shucks, Hydroptere

Most boats making 12+ knots down the Transpac course to Diamond Head would be making good time. But when it’s Hydroptere, doing the zig-zag thing, it’s not a good look.


A Tender Spot

So it’s 2,225 miles from the Coast Guard buoy tender to Diamond Head


Busting Forty

I saw only one helmet aboard the trimaran, Lending Club —


“Is It Always Windier On My Watch?”

Being thoughts about a book, Convergence, by Sally-Christine Rodgers, on cruising the Pacific in relative luxury and stress and discovery


How High Do You Fly ?

Will Sébastien Josse and Gitana Team have the first foiling offshore trimaran?


Rightsiding the Wrongsided

They called oopsies . . .


No Moment of Silence for Florence Arthaud

Better, the passing of the great French sailor was marked at the opening of Les Voiles de St. Barth by a moment of applause. Led by his own legendness, Loïck Peyron. A long moment of applause. ‘Nuff said.


A Couple Feet Higher, Considerably Faster Than

The G4 Gunboat — the first full-galley foiling cat — was already a talking point in St. Barth before it beat its tender over from St. Maarten on Friday afternoon, and before a traveling cruiser dropped anchor too close on Saturday morning, dragged across the G4’s anchor rode, scooped it, rode up on it, wound up bow-to between the hulls, with the rode wrapped around the cruiser’s prop and


Backside of the Red Moon

Somewhere, out there in the woods, is the America’s Cup.
And then there’s the running of the bulls . . .


Close Call for Some and, for One Someone Else

The next generation in cruiser-racer multihulls is not the boat in the picture, but . . .


San Francisco Cup in View

Since 1967, the San Francisco Cup has been the annual rivalry match-up between The San Francisco Yacht Club (founded 1869) and the outfit that spun off from it, St. Francis Yacht Club (founded 1927).

They live across the San Francisco River from each other . . .

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