Reading the Shifting Sands (etc) of the ICW

With snowbirds counting the weeks until their migration north along the IntraCoastal Waterway—assuming this winter really does have an end—their transit of the ICW will include all the challenges of navigating shallow waters and shifting features. But with new sources of help from technology.

It’s very 2014, incorporating crowdsourced data generated by the users of Navionics electronic cartography products for chartplotters and mobile devices. The result: daily updates for near-real time news you can use. The benefits are obvious along a route notorious for its changeability. Or, as Navionics’ Shaun Ruge pegs it, a route fraught with “soon-to-be-suspect data, as in anything that was true yesterday along the ICW.”


Classics, Modern and Un-

By Kimball Livingston Posted March 5, 2014 Let’s talk classics, sailable and wearable. In my book, there are two true classic fiberglass boats, the Hinckley Bermuda 40 and the Cal 40. The Hinckley is the traditionalist, beautifully recalling the allure of the wooden boats that came before. The Cal 40 was, in its moment, a

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