No Child Left Dry

Dr. Sylvia Earle’s prescription for engaging the next generation to save the ocean that supports all life:

“No child left dry.”

In her own case, moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida as a child, and later discovering the early films of Jacque Cousteau, opened the floodgates to a passion that just won’t quit. As Earle puts it, the Cousteau footage, “inspired me to want to see fish swimming in something other than lemon sauce and butter.”


Aerodynamic Wing Control and . . . Other Stuff

Our recent story about Wind + Wing Technology’s prototype ferry wing drew a number of responses, including comments from Oracle Racing Wing designer Tom Speer, noting the advantages of aerodynamic wing control in this and other applications.


Future Sailing – Wind Assisted Ferries

Eventually, someone is going to get “wind assisted” right. Don’t bet against Richard Jenkins. He’s got background, and he’s got mojo.


Peer to Peer Boat Rentals NOW

So if there was a way to occasionally rent out your boat, and see it in safe hands, with $1 million in insurance to back that up, would you welcome the opportunity to offset part of your ownership costs? If there was a way to rent that boat you want, in that special place where there are no charter companies, would you jump aboard? Happening now and growing, it’s called Peer-To-Peer, P2P, and you’re already online . . .


Reading the Shifting Sands (etc) of the ICW

With snowbirds counting the weeks until their migration north along the IntraCoastal Waterway—assuming this winter really does have an end—their transit of the ICW will include all the challenges of navigating shallow waters and shifting features. But with new sources of help from technology.

It’s very 2014, incorporating crowdsourced data generated by the users of Navionics electronic cartography products for chartplotters and mobile devices. The result: daily updates for near-real time news you can use. The benefits are obvious along a route notorious for its changeability. Or, as Navionics’ Shaun Ruge pegs it, a route fraught with “soon-to-be-suspect data, as in anything that was true yesterday along the ICW.”


What’s the Most Polluted Harbor in America?

Polluted? Surely not Marina del Rey. But, out of tests performed in ten harbors in America, on the day of the Rozalia Project’s testing, that spiffy enclave four miles north of LAX, and just south of hot, hot, hot Venice Beach, rang the bell as the most polluted harbor in America. We’ll have to add qualifiers, but if you care about Marina del Rey you need to know.


Max Volume in a Power Catamaran

One of the new models introduced at the 2014 Miami Boat Show is the Aquila 44 motor cat, designed by the J&J Group and built in China by the Sino Eagle Group. This one is clearly a cruiser, and early builds are slated for the charter industry, with three en-suite cabins. A two-suite version is

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