You can’t kill the America’s Cup.

I understand my friends who ask, “Who cares anymore?” But the same question was asked a lot circa 1988, and it comes up every time around, even when the event is on track which it certainly is not at the moment, being in the grip of a fuzzy-minded court and then who knows.

You can’t kill the Cup, and I offer as evidence the recent lively online exchanges regarding the validity of the “winged keel” that helped Australia lift the Auld Mug from New York Yacht Club in the not-so-innocent oh so many years ago. Ben Lexcen? Van Oosanen? Somebody originated that upside-down arrangement of lead, the shape that lowered CG and reduced wetted surface and created the opportunity that Aussie II’s crew almost failed to fulfill.

Twenty-seven years on, people got pretty hot and bothered, eh?

Debunking the America’s Cup is a tradition as great and time-honored as celebrating the America’s Cup. Let’s see, here in Punditville, do I want bread with my butter? Or butter with my bread.

Now in the wake of the court ruling against RAK, Larry Ellison’s team endorses Valencia for a match beginning February 8, 2010: “Although Valencia is in the Northern Hemisphere, it is possible to hold the 33rd Match there in February because both SNG and Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) had agreed to it by mutual consent.

“Were SNG to propose a location in the Southern Hemisphere instead of
Valencia, we ask the defender to name it as soon as possible so that we have the maximum opportunity to make an informed assessment. We say this noting that nearly three months of the court-ordered six month minimum notice period for the venue has gone already. We again confirm our willingness to sit down immediately with SNG/Alinghi for talks to resolve the outstanding issues surrounding the 33rd America’s Cup.

“There is no reason why SNG should not ask the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to appoint an independent, neutral jury with the usual duties and powers of an international sailing jury, and to do this immediately. In that way any future disputes involving sailing rules and related issues could be referred to the jury instead of needing to go back before the court.”

Look at me. I’m holding my breath.

Have you heard of the blue people?

And while we’re not on the subject, can you imagine the effect on trial attorneys in the USA if they were all subject to the scrutiny exercised in Justice Kornreich’s courtroom on behalf of the most-recent squabbling between Alinghi and BMW Oracle? Cory Friedman’s scathing analysis on (read it here) goes beyond my impressionistic and thoroughly non-legal mindset, but I betcha it’s already come up in conversation between the attorneys and their clients. Apparently Cory is happy with his status as an independent and not looking for a job in David Boies’ firm any time soon.

BTW, the cryptic red rectangle at top (the white surround disappears into your imagination) just shows to go ya that the RAK flag looks the same right side up or upside down. The subject may not come up again in these parts. Now for your moment of Zen —


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