Karma Kops

So our BAADS sailors got their five outboard motors back, complete with setbacks from the damage done in the theft. And there are warrants out for two individuals whose lives just got a lot more complicated.

Picture a routine traffic-violation stop at 0430 gone non-routine. A San Francisco Police Department sergeant stopped a truck, noticed five outboard motors in back that were not secured (another violation) and then discovered that the driver was driving on a revoked license.

Nothing smelled right, but this was 0430 on a Memorial Day morning, remember. When the officer called in a check to ask about the motors, there was no theft report filed as yet. The driver and his passenger eventually were allowed to leave, but the truck was impounded.

When the theft report was filed, arrest warrants were issued. Case not closed, but karma wins.

On the run, but wanted to put a bottom line on the story—Kimball

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