Onboard the J Class Hanuman

May 19, 2014

Kenny Read gets some good rides. This time he’s on JK6, Jim Clark’s J-Class sloop, Hanuman, a modern replica of Endeavour II. In 1937, T.O.M. Sopwith brought Endeavour II from England, hoping for the same speed advantage he had enjoyed—and wasted—with Endeavour in 1934. Mike Vanderbilt was waiting for him with Ranger, an all-time great, and that was the end of that.

The way the J Class has organized itself, you’re allowed to build from a design that was never constructed, or to replicate a boat since lost. The original Endeavour II was scrapped in 1968.

What we have here is just a little big-boat porn and some words from the Menorca Maxi press office—





Ken Read and his crew trained on Monday off Port Mahón, under relatively flat seas and moderate breeze. Official photographer Jesús Renedo went onboard and captured the beauty and excitement of the J-Class.

Racing at Menorca Maxi runs from Thursday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 25th. The schedule calls for three days of windward/leeward races and one day of coastal racing with the first warning signal at 12:30pm local time every day.

The event is an initiative of the Island Council of Menorca and is organized by Club Marítimo de Mahón, with the support of Port of Mahón, one of the Mediterranean’s biggest and most beautiful ports. Being chosen by two of the world’s most prestigious superyacht classes is a clear demonstration of Menorca’s know-how and ability to hold world-class sailing events.

Follow the Menorca Maxi regatta via the event’s official website, Menorca Maxi, is your comprehensive source of information, with daily updates, official results and plenty of high-quality photos and videos.

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