Rightsiding the Wrongsided

Comments and photo Kimball Livingston Posted April 19, 2015

“What this will do is scare away the people who didn’t belong in the boat in the first place.”
Peter Johnstone

Boat was upright and back on its mooring in about 90 minutes. There was damage to the mainsail, which may need a new headboard. It’s sailing to St. Maartin tomorrow and later to Antigua for the race week.

The crew dinner that followed was an epic of hilarity, but one of those “you had to be there” sessions in which of course it was funny when Pieterjan Dwarshuis cracked, “Now we’ve checked the box marked Stress Test.”

Darshuis founded Holland Composites, which designed and built the boat to a concept that Johnstone has been noodling on for twelve years — a fast race boat with enough accommodation for a certain type of coastal cruising that Johnstone calls “Glamping.” For glamorous camping. It’s been fascinating to observe the various Rorschach-test threads develop as people react to the notion of this boat as a “cruiser.”

Holland Composites is well known for large-scale architectural one-offs, and because they are A Cat nuts themselves (and they’ve built many a high-tech boat) its people have pretty much redefined A Cat sailing with their DNA model and its curved j-boards. Mischa Heemskerk, who helped develop the DNA and is the primary helmsman on the G4, aka Timbalero 3, takes pride in the way that the team shared tools and techniques with the A Cat class. “We wanted it out there,” he says. “We wanted good fleet racing. We wanted it fast.”

And Dwarshuis has his own system for laminating strong carbon foils, but that’s another story . . .

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