The Really BIG SAIL

By Kimball Livingston Posted November 18, 2014

Want to get people out to watch sailboat races? Give’em that old college try. Give’em a Big Sail.

Give’em bands.

Two years ago, during the Big Sail, Oracle Racing’s first foiling AC72 augured in. A mile or so from the Big Sail, but still, it was quite a sight. No added charge for the show.

Big Sail as in four matches on the cityfront of San Francisco, the Tuesday before the local Big Game, Stanford vs. Cal, Cal vs. Stanford.

Varsity, Young Alumni, Masters and Grand Masters in St. Francis Yacht Club’s J/22s, and they split the day. Stanford’s Varsity and Young Alumni teams won their matches, 2-0. Cal’s Masters and Grand Masters won their matches 2-0.

So, do you just have to ripen on the vine over there in Berkeley?

That pic up top is the Stanford band going face to face with Cal. And I ask you, have you ever been inside the Stanford band?

Or outside, almost inside, the Cal band?

I’m still rockin’.


No two ways about it, the crossover works. Football and yachting. At the edge of America.

Phone cams are not ideal . . .


But in updating the post, I can now add pics from my big camera, and just let it play.

We filled the house with spectators aplenty . . .


We had Stanford tubas on the roof, where they’re kinda sorta not supposed to be . . .


But we also had tubas being nice girls and boys . . .


We had flags, and some of you will understand why this is my kinda sorta indulgence . . .


It was a good day. Whatcha got on your body of water that will let you make hay?

That’s the question.

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